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YLAL response to SQE Survey

On 16 February 2020, YLAL responded to the Solicitors Regulation Authority's Survey about the Solicitors Qualifying Exam ('SQE'). 

SQE will be the new way for people to qualify as solicitors. It will be in place from 2021. 

YLAL has been engaging throughout the SRA's Training for Tomorrow project.  You can view all of YLAL's previous responses about SQE. 

YLAL remains concerned at the proposed format and content of the exam, and how our members will be affected. 


With thanks to our volunteers who helped with drafting our response: Anna Sheeran Holland, Amy Clowrey, Farah Elhouni, Heather Edwards, and Flavia. Our thanks also to committee member Siobhan Taylor-Ward for co-ordinating the response. 



Magee review: YLAL response

The Ministry of Justice has announced yet another review of legal aid, the Magee review. See

YLAL includes both criminal and civil practitioners. We welcome any endeavour to protect both the civil and criminal budgets. But we continue to believe that there should be no cap. Rather, adequate access to justice for both those with civil and criminal legal problems must be available when needed and administered by a truly independent body.