YLAL Meetings and Events

This page contains information about recent and upcoming YLAL meetings and events across the country. New members are always welcome to come along to our meetings. Unless stated otherwise, there is no need to confirm your attendance - just turn up. There's no obligation to talk at the meetings - just come along and observe if you've never been to a meeting before and are nervous about speaking. On the other hand if you have lots to say, feel free to come along and say it!

Our upcoming events are:

  • Wednesday 11 March 2020: Meeting in London 

Please see below for full details of all upcoming events.

London Meetings

London meetings are usually held on the second Wednesday of each month, from 6:30pm. 

Our last event was on Wednesday 12 February 2020 and is about how the justice system treats women. 

We were delighted to be joined by the award winning human rights lawyer Harriet Wistrich. Harriet is a Senior Solicitor at human rights firm Birnberg Peirce and the Founder of the Centre for Women's Justice, a multi partner organisation aimed at bringing cases holding the state to account in relation to violence against women and girls. 
Thanks to all who attended. 
Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 11 March 2020. More details will be added here soon.

Please let us know if you have any other questions about our London meetings by emailing ylalinfo@gmail.com.

YLAL Midlands

Our last event in Birmingham, on mental health and wellbeing, was on Monday 10 February 2020 at Cornwall Street Barristers. 

Mental health and wellbeing in the legal profession has long been a taboo subject. In recent years, the conversation around lawyers' mental health has finally started to open up... but we still have a long way to go.

Thanks to all those who joined us for a discussion about tackling stigma in the legal profession, looking after your mental health & building an inclusive workplace. We were excited to be joined by District Judge Helen Conway, a judge at Liverpool County Court and mental health advocate, as well as Franck Magennis, a barrister at Garden Court Chambers and head of legal at Legal Sector Workers United (LSWU), a union seeking to improve working conditions and employment rights within the sector.

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YLAL North


Our last meeting in Leeds was on Monday 10 February 2020,  and was about Litigants in Person (LIPs).

Through a roundtable discussion format we explored key issues to deal with LIPs such as: 

1. the effect that LIPs (and the rise of LIPs) have on the effectiveness and efficiency of the justice system;

2. the rise of McKenzie Friends and issues surrounding this;

3. what more can be done to support LIPs in and out the courtroom;

4. what can be done to support LIPs in getting access to early legal advice - campaigning for access to this and raising awarness of this issue.

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Our last meeting was on Wednesday 19 February 2020.

This was a meeting to focus on Mental Health within the profession and what help and support is available to support wellbeing. Legal Aid Lawyers represent the most vulnerable and traumatised people in society. This can leave them at risk of vicarious trauma as they deal with the traumatic experiences of their clients and also through the day to day stress of heavy caseloads and navigating extremely reduced services. We talked about the support and resources available for those working in this area and allow discussion about best practice, and the event gave us a chance to offload in a safe space to others in similar situations.

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Our last meeting was a practitioners' meeting, in which we shared tips, best practice and war stories. 


Watch this space for details of our first meeting of 2020!

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YLAL South West

We held a Christmas social on 4 December 2019 - thanks to all those who came along! 

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YLAL Wales 

Watch this space for details on our first meeting of 2020!