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Thanks 2 Legal Aid

Introduction to Legal Aid

Post date: 12th of November 2015

On Wednesday 11 November 2015, we hosted a special 'Introduction to Legal Aid' event at Garden Court Chambers in London. We were delighted to see a packed room of about 55 people, mostly students attending their first YLAL event or meeting. The PowerPoint presentation delivered at the event by our co-chairs, Ollie and Rachel, is attached below.


Labour Legal Aid Review - report

Post date: 3rd of November 2015

Shortly after he was elected as leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn asked Lord Bach to carry out a comprehensive review of legal aid, considering civil, crime, family and social welfare law. Lord Bach will be assisted in carrying out the review by Karl Turner MP. The terms of the review are as follows:


APPG Meeting Minutes 22.10.2015

Post date: 25th of October 2015

All Party Parliamentary Group on Legal Aid – 22 October 2015

On 22 October 2015 there was a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Legal Aid, which this month focused on the outcome of the criminal legal aid tender and the impact of family legal aid cuts on victims of domestic abuse.


YLAL Meeting Minutes 14.10.2015

Post date: 25th of October 2015

Young Legal Aid Lawyers – Minutes of Meeting on 14 October 2015


Rachel Francis, Oliver Carter, Rebecca Cross, Frances McCormack, Kate McFadden, Emily McFadden, Catherine Shannon, Kate Macleod, Philip Armitage, Emily Thornton, Christabel McCooey, Richard Bottomley, Kate Smith, Suzanne Seaton, Tara Mulcair, Derek Bernardi, Gimhani Eriyagolla, Heather Thomas


APG Meeting 16.09.2015

Post date: 7th of October 2015

All Party Group on Legal Aid - The Advice Sector                       
16th September 2015


On 16th September 2015 the All Party Parliamentary Group on Legal Aid met to discuss the problems faced by the advice sector as a result of funding cuts. The meeting was chaired by Keir Starmer, Q.C., who opened by saying that this meeting would discuss where and how people can find legal support and advice prior to any court hearing.


Response to MoJ fees consultation

Post date: 7th of October 2015


Briefing for House of Lords debate

Post date: 7th of October 2015


Amnesty research on legal aid cuts

Post date: 6th of October 2015

Amnesty International International Secretariat research on the human rights impact of legal aid cuts in the UK 

As part of this research, described below, Amnesty International International Secretariat would like to interview lawyers and others providing front line services (eg those who run advice lines and centres, or drop-in-centres for victims of domestic violence, or children) about their experiences following the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012.  


YLAL September meeting minutes

Post date: 3rd of October 2015

YLAL meeting minutes 9 September 2015

Attendees: Oliver Carter; Rachel Francis; Deena Blacking; Tara Mulcair; Franck Magennis; Grace Loncraine; Verity Quaite; Charlotte Arnold; Catherine Shannon; Jenny Mansell; Kate Smith; Laura Manson; Susanne Seaton; Kate Whiting; Julie Ball; Gerard Pitt; Alp Gokturk; Connor Johnston; Tina Pelttari; Philip Armitage; Caterina Franchi; Nathan Adams; Gimhani Eriyagolla; Heather Thomas; Laura Janes.


BIHR human rights tour 2015

Post date: 22nd of September 2015

YLAL is taking part in the BIHR human rights tour which is 15 days of action to create debate about human rights. This starts from 2nd October, the anniversary of when the Human Rights Act became law in the UK. YLAL members in Sheffield and Manchester are helping with local events. Please come along to one of them, or any event near you elsewhere in the country, and be part of the conversation about human rights and why they matter. And tell your friends - spread the word beyond the usual suspects!