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Thanks 2 Legal Aid

YLAL response to MOJ consultation 'Legal aid: funding reforms'

Post date: 13th of November 2009

13 November 2009: YLAL submitted their response last night.

MOJ consultation paper:

Click HERE to read the YLAL response


Question Time

Post date: 1st of November 2009

Video from the 2009 Event

Video from the 2008 Event

Video from the 2007 Event


Magee review: YLAL response

Post date: 22nd of October 2009

The Ministry of Justice has announced yet another review of legal aid, the Magee review. See

YLAL includes both criminal and civil practitioners. We welcome any endeavour to protect both the civil and criminal budgets. But we continue to believe that there should be no cap. Rather, adequate access to justice for both those with civil and criminal legal problems must be available when needed and administered by a truly independent body.


YLAL responds to MOJ consultation 'Refocusing on priority cases'

Post date: 8th of October 2009

YLAL has submitted to the Ministry of Justice its response to the consultation paper 'Refocusing on priority cases'.

Response (including covering letter)



Supervision survey report published

Post date: 31st of August 2009

YLAL has published its report into the findings of its 2008-9 supervision survey, which responds to the supervision ratio proposed by the Legal Services Commission's in their 2008 consultation paper 'Civil bid rounds for 2010'.



LSC responds to civil bid consultation

Post date: 1st of July 2009

Young Legal Aid Lawyers “gutted” by LSC U-turn on supervisor ratios that may have disastrous impact on quality for clients


YLAL wins LAPG outstanding achievement award

Post date: 24th of June 2009

Young Legal Aid Lawyers was elated to receive an outstanding achievement award from LAPG at their silver jubilee Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year Awards on 23 June 2009. The awards ceremony took place at the Cumberland Hotel near Marble Arch and was followed by a champagne reception.



'Legal aid in the twenty first century' by Omar Khan

Post date: 8th of April 2009

Click HERE to read an article that explains the current state of legal aid and its implications for those trying to enter the profession. This article was written by Omar Khan for the College of Law's magazine.


Quick, Dirty but Important: YLAL's Research into unmet legal need at Court

Post date: 3rd of August 2008

Concerned by anecdotal evidence from its members about increasing numbers of litigants in person struggling in the County and Magistrates’ courts, and frustrated by the lack of any research into the impact on clients of the first tranche of the most recent changes to legal aid, Young Legal Aid Lawyers (YLAL) has conducted its own study of court users.