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Legal aid news - April 2016

Post date: 9th of May 2016

Residence test: on 18 April, the Supreme Court heard the appeal by the Public Law Project in the residence test case.


YLAL Meeting Minutes 13.04.2016

Post date: 2nd of May 2016

Attendees Katherine Barnes, Katie Tilet, Eirwen Pierrot, Rachel Etheridge, Francesca Allen, Aileen Redmond, Derek Bernard, Charlotte Bellamy, Susanne Seaton, Frances McCormack, Daniel Cooper, Jenny Mansell, Hannah Gomersall, Radhika Shah, Anastasia Solopova, Nishmita Bhamra, Rebecca Hacker, Peter Walker, Ornina Kassem, Tara Mulcair, Nathan Adams, Tobias Smith, Karolina Rychlicka, Oliver Carter, Rachel Francis, Henry Gaster-Evans, John Briant, Caterina Franchi, Heather Thomas, Anne Shirley Mitchell, Tom Trim, Holly Buick, Marie Monnet, Connor Johnston, Mark Webster, Onika Ph


YLAL Meeting Minutes from Sheffield 13.04.2016

Post date: 2nd of May 2016

Introduction to Sheffield’s first YLAL meeting of 2016!

Since the last meeting, a brief update was provided on what the Sheffield YLAL group had been up to and included the following: -

i)               Human Rights Tour with British Institute of Human Rights

YLAL were invited to support the Human Rights Tour, organised by the British Institute of Human Rights. This was a tour taking place across the UK for BIHR to unravel some of the myths surrounding human rights law to members of the public.


Legal aid news - March 2016

Post date: 31st of March 2016

LASPO review: YLAL co-chairs Rachel and Ollie signed this letter to The Guardian calling on the government to review the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offen


YLAL Meeting Minutes 09.03.2016

Post date: 26th of March 2016

Attendees: Ollie, Rachel, Imogen, Aileen, Tara, Nathan, Gimhani, Max, Alicia, Amarjeet, Hannah, Regina and more

1. Welcome and introduction

2. Update on legal aid cases


LAPG Briefing on APPG on Legal Aid March 2016

Post date: 26th of March 2016

This document, prepared by Legal Aid Practitioners' Group, provides a summary of the three research reports presented to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Legal Aid in March 2016. 


SRA consultation response

Post date: 4th of March 2016

YLAL has today (4 March 2016) responded to the consultation by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) on a proposed Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE), which would serve as a common professional assessment for all intending solicitors. The stated purpose of the SRA's introduction of a standardised assessment at the point of qualification is in order to "ensure consistent high standards of entry into the profession, providing confidence to the public and employers".


Legal aid news - February 2016

Post date: 29th of February 2016

Domestic violence evidence criteria: the Court of Appeal ruled that the regulation setting out the evidence criteria for victims of domestic violence applying for legal aid was invalid, insofar as it required evidence of domestic violence within a 24 month period before the application for legal aid and does not cater for victims of financial abuse.


YLAL Meeting Minutes 10.02.2016

Post date: 22nd of February 2016

Attendees: Oliver, Rachel, Katie, Anna, Clementine, Nishmita, Emily, Susanne, Kate, Henry, Clyde, Sam, Francesca, Nathan, Rosie, Ornina and more.

1. Welcome

Our co-chairs Rachel and Ollie welcomed everyone and introduced the meeting.

2. Criminal legal aid


Legal aid news - January 2016

Post date: 1st of February 2016

January 2016 was a busy month in the legal aid world - here is our round-up of the latest legal aid news.