Bradical Employment Rights - Volunteer IT, Funding and Projects Coordinators

About us

We are a charity that provides free employment advice and representation to people with limited means. Our volunteers are primarily law students or those with an interest in employment law seeking to gan practical experience and make a difference by providing advice to those who would otherwise be on their own. Though we are a small charity run on a shoestring through donations and volunteers, in 2016 alone we achieved over £300,000 for our clients and we are seeking to expand. We are currently looking to take on three coordinators to help broaden the scope of the work we do. These roles are high on responsibility and freedom, so require candidates who are seeking to become heavily involved in a project that has potential to do a lot of good for a lot of people.

Role summary - Volunteer Projects

We see a lot of ground-zero employment law issues, such as exploited migrant workers, companies who pretend their workforce are self employed and individuals who have been dismissed because of the religion they hold or the colour of their skin. There is much more that we could do in raising awareness of these issues and so we are currently seeking to take on a volunteer to help establish that aspect of the charity. This is a very broad and open-ended role. We are seeking someone to come in to take ownership of this and drive it forward.

Role summary - Volunteer IT Coordinator

We are currently seeking someone to assist with managing our IT systems. Most of our work is done remotely so this will require an understanding of Sharepoint, Access and Office 365. Any further IT experience is a huge bonus.

Role summary - Volunteer Funding Coordinator

We are recruiting a voluntary funding coordinator to generate funding to support our work. Duties will include developing an understanding of the ethos, aims and objectives of our work, undertaking research into potential funding sources using available resources and maintaining effective relationships with all existing, new and potential funders.


Applications are by way of CV and cover letter (no more than 1 A4 page) should be sent to by no later than 1 April 2017. Please put the position you are applying for in the subject title (separated by a hyphen if more than one) followed by your name in the subject of the email.