South West London Law Centres (London) - Trustees

South West London Law Centres is seeking to add to its Charity Trustees.

We are looking for people who believe in what we do and are prepared to help oversee the charitable trust so that we can continue to do it. We need you to bring your expertise, energy and networks to the law centre.  The role isn't glamorous, it's unpaid, and it's sometimes unacknowledged, but it is rewarding in other ways. We're looking for people prepared to give their time, generally by attending meetings once a quarter in the evening, and by taking the time to read the papers sent to them in preparation for asking appropriate questions and taking decisions at those meetings. They might need to attend training to support them in their role – perhaps training to help in recruiting staff, or to ensure that the charity is reaching the whole of the local community. Ideally the person should live, work or study in one of the six boroughs we serve, although this is not an absolute requirement.

Main Areas of expertise and skills we need

At the moment some skills and experience in the following areas would help to complement those already present on our Board:

  • Finance: particularly charity accounting, Legal Aid accounting or both
  • Fundraising 
  • Human Resources
  • IT & Facilities
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Law: solicitors, barristers or legal executives, especially with an understanding of Legal Aid

What is in it for you

You get the satisfaction of giving something to people who need your help, and to seeing the help you give result in things that most of us take for granted, like having enough food to eat, a safe, warm place to sleep, and protection from violence.

You will get to challenge yourself by switching your brain from what you do during the day to something different, whether that's from the for-profit to the not-for-profit world, from a place where you carry out the decisions to one in which you make the decisions, or from a role in which it is up to you to deliver results to one in which it is up to you to help someone else deliver them.

We will arrange for you to meet our Chair and Chief Executive before you decide to join us. We will provide an induction, including an overview of our organisation and the responsibilities of the role, and a chance to see our excellent caseworkers in action. You will be paired with an existing member of our Board to give you an informal route to gain experience.

The application pack is available here or email if you have any queries.

There is no closing date for applications: SWLLC are always interested to hear from people who have something to contribute.