The Law Commission - 2x Commissioners

The Law Commission will be seeking to appoint two new Commissioners for the start of 2020.  This is to replace Professor David Ormerod, a specialist in criminal law, and Stephen Lewis, a specialist in commercial law.

The Commission is determined to ensure that candidates from all backgrounds and careers can apply to become a Commissioner.

The Commission will need to be able to cover the fields of criminal and commercial law in the future but we are not necessarily seeking to replace on a like for like basis.

Each of our appointments could be in post for 10 years, so could be leading law reform during a period of profound constitutional, social, economic and technological change.

The “modern” lawyer may have a range of traditional legal skills but on a daily basis is engaged in applying those skills to social and economic issues. This covers a broad range from Artificial Intelligence (AI), the digital economy and bioethics to surrogacy, hate crime and immigration law.

We want to reach out to the widest possible pool of candidates.

As part of our efforts, our Chair has written a letter to a wide range of contacts – including academia, representative lawyers’ groups and other key stakeholders for the Commission – with a view to drawing attention to these roles. We are very keen to hear from those who may be interested in these appointments, so please contact us if you would like to discuss the roles.

Further information, including salary and timetable for the appointment process, can be found on the Commission's website

YLAL has been asked to bring the roles to the attention of our members. The positions are for senior practitioners, but please do share with any experienced colleagues who may be interested. The Law Commission is keen to increase the pool of persons from which it recruits and we support this aim.