SQE: Statement on Qualifying Work Experience

YLAL is disappointed that our concerns about exploitative Qualifying Work Experience (‘QWE’) as part of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (‘SQE’) have been realised. 


There is no longer a requirement to pay those candidates who are undertaking QWE. This was purportedly to allow candidates to use time spent volunteering, for example in a legal advice clinic whilst at university, towards their QWE. 


YLAL submission to the Government consultation on Human Rights Act reform

On 14th December 2021 the Ministry of Justice announced an open consultation, entitled: Human Rights Act Reform: A Modern Bill of Rights opens as follows:

‘The Government is committed to updating the Human Rights Act 1998. This consultation seeks views on the Government’s proposals to revise the Human Rights Act and replace it with a Bill of Rights, in order to restore a proper balance between the rights of individuals, personal responsibility and the wider public interest.’

Third YLAL Covid-19 Report

On 8th February 2022, Young Legal Aid Lawyers (YLAL) published its third and final report on the impact of Covid-19 on its members’ working lives. The report constitutes results from a survey that was conducted between 29th November 2021 and 20th December 2021 which we received 51 responses for. This report is an update and comparison to YLAL previous Covid-19 report, which was published on 25th May 2020.