Blogs and Groups

Subscribing to blogs (as well as getting involved with YLAL!) can be a fantastic way to keep up-to-date with what's happening in the legal world, the legal aid world, interesting cases and recent developments. 

If you know of any other blogs or helpful groups, then feel free to tell us, so we can spread the word! 

Here's a selection of blogs to get you started: 





Immigration & asylum

Housing law

Public law

Social welfare

Practitioner Groups:

You can also join practitioner groups. Some require you to be working in a certain area, but others will let you join as a student or interested person. Find out more: 

Legal Aid Practitioners Group

Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers (£20 for students)

Human Rights Law Association (free for students)

Bar Human Rights Committee (£25 for students and barristers 0 - 5 years call)

Criminal Bar Association (BPTC students only)

Discrimination Law Association (£15 for students)

Employment Lawyers Associations (£45 for trainee lawyers, £20 for employment lawyers in voluntary sector)

Family Law Bar Association (£15 for students)

Housing Law Practitioners Association (free for students)

Immigration Law Practitioners Association (£90 for students)

Inquest (not open to students, £75 for pupil barristers)

Police Action Lawyers Group

Resolution (family law) (free or £35 depending on stage)

If you know of any other relevant groups, then feel free to tell us, so we can spread the word!