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Subscribing to blogs and podcasts (as well as getting involved with YLAL!) can be a great way to keep up-to-date with what's happening in the legal world, the legal aid world, interesting cases and recent developments. 

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If you know of any other blogs or podcasts, then feel free to tell us, so we can spread the word! 

Here's a selection to get you started (just click on the images, and they'll take you through to the site).  






















Immigration & asylum



Housing law



Public law




Social welfare



There's loads of great podcasts that can help to keep you in the loop. Here's YLALers' favourites. Do you know of any more? Send us an email to spread the word! 


Better Human - a human rights podcast with Adam Wagner

Radio 4 - Law In Action

BBC Radio - The Grenfell Tower Inquiry

Thompson Reuters - The Hearing

Law Society - Human Rights

LawCareers.Net Podcast

UK Law Weekly Podcast

First 100 Years Podcast

The Lawyer Portal - Legally Pod

CrimeLine - Podcast (you have to pay to subscribe)

Voices of Family Law Podcast

The Pupillage Podcast

1COR (1 Crown Office Row Chambers) - LawPod 

Kings Chambers - Debrief

Leigh Day - Haven’t You Heard?


Non-UK based 

Radio Lab - More Perfect

Serial - seasons onetwo and three

Ear Hustle 

Bear Brook

What We Stand For - legal aid in New South Wales