Criminal Legal Aid Review

YLAL is participating in the Ministry of Justice’s Criminal Legal Aid Review (‘CLAR’).

Part of this involves us attending consultation and focus group meetings, as well as us feeding into any consultation documents.

As the most junior in the profession, YLAL members are the criminal practitioners most likely to be impacted by the restriction of access to the profession and stagnation of wages which have been caused by the swingeing cuts to criminal legal aid implemented by the Ministry of Justice.

Current action: Survey

As part of our submission to the accelerated areas consultation, we are doing a survey of our members. We estimate this survey will take less than 2 minutes to complete.

We want to gather information about the sustainability crisis from our members, to feed into our submission to the MOJ’s consultation.

We’re currently doing a survey of our members and other crime pratitioners, to help us prepare our response.

This survey is of YLAL members who currently or previously practised in Criminal Legal Aid, to feed into the MOJ’s consultation on the accelerated areas of the Criminal Legal Aid Review.

Please do complete it.

There are a number of helpful reference documents:

  1. CLAR website.
  2. Robert Buckland blog post on CLAR accelerated areas.
  3. The Law Society Press Release on the CLAR Accelerated Areas proposals.
  4. The Consultation.