Practitioner Groups

Practitioner Groups are exactly what they say on the tin; groups of practitioners working or interested in a specific area of work. 

Some require you to be working in a certain area, but others will let you join as a student or interested person.

Practitioner Groups

Here’s some you may be interested in: 

Legal Aid Practitioners Group

Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers (£20 for students)

Human Rights Lawyers Association (free for students)

Bar Human Rights Committee (£25 for students and barristers 0 – 5 years call)

Criminal Bar Association (BPTC students only)

Defence Extradition Lawyers Forum (£25 for paralegals, pupils and trainees)

Discrimination Law Association (£15 for students)

Employment Lawyers Association (£45 for trainee lawyers, £20 for employment lawyers in voluntary sector)

Family Law Bar Association (£15 for students)

Housing Law Practitioners Association (free for students)

Immigration Law Practitioners Association (£90 for students)

Inquest (not open to students, £75 for pupil barristers)

Police Action Lawyers Group

Resolution (family law) (free or £35 depending on stage)

If you know of any other relevant groups, then feel free to tell us, so we can spread the word!