Response to BSB consultation

In January 2017, YLAL responded to the consultation by the Bar Standards Board on the Future Training of the Bar: Future Routes to Authorisation. This follows a previous consultation which closed in October 2015, to which YLAL also responded. You can find our response to the previous consultation here.

The most recent BSB consultation included three proposals to reform the route to qualification, as well as an Addendum containing a joint proposal by the Bar Council and the Council for the Inns of Court (COIC). Of the options presented, YLAL concluded that the proposal by the Bar Council and COIC comes closest to meeting our criteria and therefore merits detailed and serious consideration by the Bar Standards Board. In short, YLAL believes the COIC proposal has the potential to reduce the cost of training and provide a more flexible route to qualification without compromising the quality of training. 

YLAL will continue to make the case for cost-effective training of a high standard which encourages people of all social backgrounds to pursue a career at the Bar, whilst also providing a realistic measure for those who will find obtaining pupillage very difficult. Given the significant problems with the current BPTC model, we believe that brave, ambitious reform is required to ensure that the best people are given the opportunity to join the profession.

You can read our full response to the consultation below.