YLAL COVID-19 Survey 2: Impact on Members and their Clients

A month ago, we did a survey about how COVID-19 was affecting our members and their work. 

We published a report, which included recommendations to help our members, and keep them, their families and their clients safe. 

Much has happened since then; more people have been furloughed, the courts have changed how they work, and our clients have faced new challenges in accessing the justice they need. 

So we are running an updating survey, to understand how our members’ work and life has changed since COVID-19. 

Complete the Survey Now 

The new survey also asks members to tell us about their experiences of remote hearings – to feed into the Civil Justice Council Rapid Consultation, launched yesterday. 

The survey will be open from Saturday 2 May 2020 to 23:59 on Wednesday 13 May 2020. 

The report from our previous survey is available on our website



2 May 2020