JR regulations need scrutiny

We have submitted concerns about new regulations on legal aid for judicial review to the Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee. This is a select committee, set up to examine the policy merits of regulations and other statutory instruments.

The regulations are due to come into force on 22 April 2014. We are concerned that they are being swept in without the chance for proper scrutiny. The regulations will change the way that legal aid is paid for important work challenging unlawful acts. We think they take away a safety net for people who can’t pay for help to stand up to the state or other public bodies when they do something wrong.

You can read our submission below.

We urge all members to contact their MPs about the regulations. Please ask your MP to register your concerns by laying a prayer or motion against the regulations before they come into force.

Find out why this is so important, and get draft text to help you write a quick email as well as a link to the contact details for your MP here.

*UPDATE* The Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee has provided a report to the House of Lords recommending that their attention is drawn to the regulations. They have also recommended that the Ministry of Justice should as a minimum provide clarification of exactly what work will, and will not, be paid for. See their report (which includes references to YLAL’s submissions) here