Kemptown MP visits Brighton Advice Centre

Lloyd Russell Moyle, MP for Kemptown & Peacehaven, visited Brighton Advice Centre on 1 August 2019. 

You can read about Lloyd’s visit on Andy Winter’s blog – Andy is Chief Executive of Brighton Housing Trust. 

Lloyd said about his visit: 

“I have been aware of and worked with BHT’s Advice Centre since before I became a Member of Parliament.  The difference it makes to the city should not be underestimated, preventing homelessness and rough sleeping, and helping people navigate through the complexities of the welfare benefit system.

“If the housing and welfare benefit system worked properly, we wouldn’t have the worsening homelessness crisis and people wouldn’t be living in poverty.  We shouldn’t need the ultimate safety net provided by BHT’s Advice Centre but until housing and the benefits system work, I will remain grateful for all the work that BHT staff do in this important service.

Nikki Homewood, Director for Advice and Support Services at the Centre said:

“The impact that this service has on prevented homelessness and rough sleeping in Brighton and Hove cannot be overstated.  Can you imagine how much worse the situation would be if we had not prevented so many households from becoming homeless?

Legal aid funding makes our work possible.”