Legal Services Commission 2008 Training Contracts Scheme launched

YLAL welcome the LSC’s increase in the number of training contact grants to be made available for the next scheme.  While we had asked that the number of grants be doubled given the difficulties faced by young committed lawyers trying to find training contracts as many legal aid firms wind down their work, we are pleased that the LSC has increased the number of grants from 100 to 150.  The Commission’s press release can be found at

Information and new application procedures etc for firms should also be available on the web site (although the link is broken!) soon….


Other changes include the fact that the application process and guidance has been streamlined and includes enhanced equalities requirements.  More emphasis has been placed on communication with providers and students to
raise the profile of the scheme: every organisation with a live LSC contract will get a mailshot telling them about the launch. The LSC also plans to work with current trainees to help promote the scheme.