Press releases and consultation responses

Since YLAL was established in April 2005, we have produced substantive responses and evidence to virtually all consultations, committees and organisations concerned with legal aid. All of our responses and accompanying press releases can be downloaded on this page.

YLAL response to Green Paper on Legal Aid – February 2011

YLAL response to Justice Committee request for evidence regarding the impact of the government’s Green Paper proposals

YLAL response to MOJ consultation on introducing fee charges for appeals in the Immigration and Asylum Chambers of the First-Tier Tribunal and the Upper Tribunal.

YLAL submission to MOJ policy review on legal aid ‘Quality not Cost’ – 1st September 2010

30 JUNE 2010

Social mobilty report – Feb 2010 – In line with the government’s ‘national crusade’ on social mobility, YLAL has carried out its own investigations within the legal aid sector. Our report shows that the legal aid sector could become pale and stale. Read the report here.

Read article in Law Society Gazette here

Read article in Guardian here

YLAL response to MOJ consultation ‘Legal aid: funding reforms’, 12 November 2009

YLAL response to MOJ consultation ‘Refocusing on priority cases’, September 2009: RESPONSE AND COVERING LETTER. ENCLOSURE SUMMARY OF PROPOSALS AND YLAL’S CONCERNS

YLAL report on supervision survey (September 2009) and LAG article on supervision survey results (September 2009 edition) by Miranda Hearn and Omar Khan

YLAL response to Lord Justice Jackson’s prelimimary report on civil litigation costs – 31 July 2009 — Authors: Katie Brown (Pierce Glynn Solicitors) and Annabel Kennedy (Fisher Meredith LLP)

YLAL response to BVT consultation June 2009

YLAL response to LSC consultation on prison law funding as submitted on 5 May 2009: RESPONSE DOC

YLAL response to the LSC’s Family Law consultation as submitted 2 April 2009: Covering letterResponse

YLAL response to the Ministry of Justice consultation on Crown Court means testing.

YLAL response to the LSC’s consultation on civil bid rounds for 2010 contracts.

YLAL report on February 2008 paralegal survey

YLAL’s initial response to the Best Value Tendering consultation can be found here. To help us prepare, we have produced a summary of what the consultation paper says which can be downloaded here! The full consultation paper is available at:

YLAL’s response to ‘Creating a Quality Assurance Scheme for Publicly funded Criminal Defence Advocates’ (17th September 2007) can be read here. The consultation concerns the method by which defence advocates in the future will be measured for quality and could have serious implications for lawyers at the start of their careers hoping to progress. The letter to YLAL from Lord Carter referred to in our response can be read here and follow the link below for our Developing New Lawyers paper. The original consultation can be viewed at

Developing legal aid lawyers: YLAL submissions on how to ensure the next generation of qualified, dedicated legal aid lawyers has been submitted to the Legal Services Commission and the Ministry of Justice. The paper outlines the problems faced by new lawyers entering legal aid and suggests a number of ways in which Government can help with this problem. Read the full paper here!

YLAL’s letter in response to the Specification of the Civil Unified Contract – 16th April 2007

YLAL’s response to the LSC’s "consultation" on Police Station Reforms can be read here

YLAL’s response to the LSC’s "consultation" on Very High Cost Cases can be read here

YLAL’s press release for the 19th March Rally

YLAL’s submissions to the Consitutional Affairs Committee (including results of YLAL survey): October 2006

YLAL’s response to the LSC’s Preferred Supplier consultation and press release: June 2006

YLAL’s press release in response to the first Carter report: February 2006

YLAL’s response to the Law Society�s Consultation on the Minimum Salary for Trainee Solicitors: January 2007

YLAL’s response and press release to the White Paper: the Future of Legal Services. Please click here for our letter to the Joint Committee on the Draft Legal Services Bill: June 2006

YLAL’s response and press release to the Fairer deal: April 2006

YLAL’s response to the Legal Service Commission’s "Making Legal Rights a Reality".and press release: October 2005

YLAL’s response to the Law Society’s "Qualifying as a solicitor – a framework for the future: A Consultation paper": July 2005

YLAL’s response to the LSC’s Competitive Tendering proposals and press release:: May 2005 .