Refugee & Migrant Justice facing closure – TAKE ACTION!

RMJ, a charity that provides free legal advice and representation to asylum seekers, is facing possible closure as a result of the system whereby legal aid payments are only made when stages are closed.  At RMJ this is on average 6 months after work is started and can take up to two years.

The possible closure of RMJ will effect 10,000 asylum seekers in the UK, who will be left without legal representation, and may be forced to return to persecution, torture, and the threat of death.  AT present, 900 of RMJ’s clients are children.

Please therefore write to the Secretary of State for Justice Ken Clarke in protest at the potential closure and help RMJ raise awareness of the situation as widely as possible, in as many different sectors as possible.  Ken Clarke’s address is:-

Ministry of Justice
102 Petty France
London SW1H 0AL
Or email, marked for the attention of Kenneth Clarke MP

Please copy your letter to The Minister for Immigration, Damian Green MP by writing to

You can find more information about how to save RMJ:

Template letter to send to Ken Clarke:

RMJ’s letter to Ken Clarke:

BBC coverage: