Statement on the Resumption of Jury Trials

In response to the  statements from the Lord Chief Justice and the Lord Chancellor that jury trials in some courts will resume as early as the 18 May, YLAL calls for the Ministry of Justice to guarantee that the safety of our members and other court users will not be put at compromised when jury trials resume.  

YLAL published a statement on 11 May 2020 noting that, whilst justice should be delivered promptly, this should not compromise the fairness of trials; nor should our members’ safety be put at risk.

  • If jury trials are to resume, key areas must be considered to ensure Young Legal Aid Lawyers are properly protected from the risk of COVID-19.

These key areas include the cleanliness of courts, proper handwashing facilities, the provision of hand sanitiser and Personal Protective Equipment; and the ability to ensure social distancing. 

Our full statement can be found below.