Conference: The Fight For Social Justice

The Fight For Social Justice: Young Lawyers Making Change

We are delighted to be hosting our second joint conference with Public Law Project and the Legal Education Foundation’s Justice First Fellows on Saturday 16 March 2019 at BPP Waterloo in London. 

We have a very exciting programme lined up at this conference, which aims to inform and inspire the social welfare lawyers of the future, build a network of like-minded junior lawyers, and bring together those committed to working in the areas of law traditionally funded by legal aid.  

The event offers:

  • practical advice on practicing in social welfare law and legal aid and the beginnings of a network of future legal aid lawyers committed to social justice
  • careers advice and support with a view to increasing diversity and social mobility within the profession
  • knowledge and experience to improve responses to further threats to legal aid

The event is a partnership between YLAL, Public Law Project, and the Legal Education Foundation’s Justice First Fellows, and is supported by the Legal Education Foundation, Garden Court Chambers and BPP Law School.

Tickets for the conference cost just £10 and there is a travel reimbursement scheme (up to £50) for those travelling from outside London. For all details of the conference and to book your ticket, please visit the Public Law Project website.

We hope to see you there!