Leaflets about legal aid cuts

YLAL has produced two leaflets to highlight the impact of new legal aid cuts proposed by the Government in the consultation paper, Transforming Legal Aid. More information and our views on the proposals can be accessed here.

The “leaflet for MPs” is to give to your MP at a surgery or email them when you are writing with your concerns about the proposals.

The “leaflet for everyone” can be given to all members of the public. Why not print some out to put on your reception at work or college? It was produced to celebrate the 64th birthday of legal aid on 30th July, the anniversary of the date when the law creating the modern legal aid system, the Legal Advice and Assistance Act 1949, gained Royal Assent.

Copies of the leaflets can be accessed below as pdfs. The leaflet for the public is also in jpeg form. Both leaflets are designed so you can print them double sided and fold in half like a booklet.

Thank you to our committee member Alice Cullingworth who designed the leaflets and who runs the site where the stories on the leaflets were originally shared: http://savelegalaid.wordpress.com/