YLAL’s response to the delay in the provision of SQE2 exams

Young Legal Aid Lawyers (‘YLAL’) has been made aware of an informal announcement by the SRA and Kaplan (who are responsible for assessing SQE examinations), which will mean a delay to many hoping to sit the SQE2 examinations scheduled for October 2022. This was communicated through a webinar.  

While YLAL appreciate the need to ensure accuracy in the results they are concerned about the effect that this delay would have on their members. They implore the SRA, and Kaplan to formally announce that their delay in marking will disrupt several hundreds of people from gaining their qualifications on time. This should be made clear to all service providers, law-firms and other relevant parties, to ensure that the students who have taken on the SQE are not left disavantaged.

Read our statement, attached below, to learn more about this.
Young Legal Aid Lawyers  
31 March 2022